BALLYMENA 1914-1918

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Second World War Names - Introduction

The names of those who fell in the Second World War are recorded on a series of eight panels on a wall that forms the backdrop to the main memorial, which was erected in the aftermath of the First World War. I have devoted one page to each panel - they are listed 1-8 and the names are in alphabetical order.

I have limited information on some of the men and women, and I cannot claim to have done much original research. I have instead used the CWGC online records and other Internet material to get basic information, and I have drawn heavily on work I believe to have been done originally by Alistair Robinson, Cullybackey. I am putting what I know here only because I do not believe it is now available in a readily accessible form elsewhere. A little contextual material, where possible, has been added to help explain the circumstances of death.

Please note, some of those on the list cannot yet be identified, though I trust what is known will be of  use to some people. I will attempt to add other material when I have time to do more research.

Please note: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission date for inclusion of individuals on war memorials for the Second World War is 3rd September 1939 to 31st December 1947, and any name added to a memorial should also be of someone whose death is directly attributable to the war. Many ex-soldiers, sailors, etc died during the period  between the end of the war, 14th August 1945 (On September 2, 1945, formal surrender documents were signed aboard the USS Missouri, designating the day as the official Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day), and 31st December 1947, but their passing was not directly related to their war service. Their names would not normally appear on memorials. I have tried to adhere to these rules.

Ballymena War Memorials.

The obelisk bears the names of the fallen of what we now call the First World War.  The curved wall behind it bears the names of those killed in the Second World War.