BALLYMENA 1914-1918

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What Ballymena has done, Ballymena Observer,
May 7th, 1915

On May 7, 1915, the Observer printed a four page 'special supplement' which attempted to detail every man with connections to the Borough who had served or was serving with the forces. After this date, men who enlisted can be found in 'The Weekly War'

Royal Navy

Gunner Fred Aiken, Ahoghill, HMS Ajax

Surgeon Jackson Boal, Audley Terrace, HMS Temeraire

R. Cathcart, Ballymena, HMS Bellerophon

Wm. Coulter, Moat Road, Collingwood Btn. Royal Naval Division.

Samuel Gourley, Portglenone (lost with HMS Viknor)

Stoker William Hamilton, Galgorm, HMS Itchen

W. O. Samuel Hamilton, Larne Street, HMS Dreadnought

Thomas Hanley, Princes Street, HMS Mallick

Hugh Hanley, Ballymena, HM Torpedo Boat 99

Ben Wilson, Tullygarley, HMS Cyclops

P.O. Mawhinney, Kells, HMS Garry

Alexander Mairs, Kellswater, (lost with HMS Hawke)

Marine S. Moore, Waveney Avenue, HMS Cumberland

Patrick Joseph McAuley, Moat Road, HMS Exmouth.

C. G. McConaghy, Ballymena, (lost with HMS Amphion)

W.O. T. McCormick, Ballymena, HMS Cochrane

John McCudden, Hillmount, post unknown.

Chief Petty Officer D. McCurdy, Bridge Street, HMS Conqueror

Stoker Wm. McCurdy, 11 Bridge Street

Marine Robert McDowell, Albert Place, Royal Marines.

Andrew McFadden, James Street post unknown

Alexander McIlwaine, Dunfane, HMS Bellerophon

P. O. W. J. McKernan, Laurel Cottage, Galgorm Road, HM Torpedo Boat 054 (destroyer).

1st Class Petty Officer Alex McNiece, Queen Street, HMS New Zealand.

Marine H. McNeill, James Street, Royal Naval Marines, wounded at Antwerp.

Stoker Joyce Power, Raceview, (lost on HMS Hawke)

Lt. C. Stuart, Castle Street, HMS Glasgow

Robert McNickle Taylor, Portglenone

James Warden, Royal Marines, Deal & Portglenone

John Wilson, Bridge Street, post unknown.

J. Wilson, Railway Street post unknown.

George Vance, Royal Marines, Plymouth & Portglenone

The Army

Regulars and reservists

Royal Army Medical Corps

Pte John Allen Ballymena

Capt. A.S. Bell, Welllington Street, Territorials.

Pte R. Bonnar, Galgorm Street

Lt. W. Chesney, Grange

Pte R. Clarke, Railway Street

Lt. Col. G.S. Crawford, MD, Clough

Lt. R. A. Hepple, Wellington Street.

Staff Sgt. T. Kerr, Brookeville Terrace

Capt. Malcolm Orr Northern Bank House

Capt. T.M.C.C. Phillips, Ahoghill, (Died of wounds)

Capt. S. Kyle, Carniny

Lt. Owen Wilson, Galgorm

Col. S. Wilson, Knowehead, Broughshane

Capt. O. Wilson, Northern Bank House.

Somerset Light Infantry:  Capt. R. C. Orr of Mazoe, Ballymena. Killed in action on December 19, 1914.

Indian Army: Captain R.F. Dill, D.S.O, late of First Presbyterian Church Manse, killed in action om April 11, 1915

Lt. N. Morton, Ballygarvey

Flocking to the Colours, Belfast

Royal Irish Rifles

It should be noted that most of these men were professional or 'regular' soldiers. Others were former regulars who were on 'reserve', meaning they had to undertake re-training at an annual camp and be ready to rejoin their former regiments if recalled.

L/Cpl. W. J. Adams, Portglenone

Lt. S. J. Bell, Bally, Ballymena

L/Cpl. R. Gettis, Railway Street (Killed in action on October 22, 1914)

L/Cpl. Henry Hamilton, Clonavon Place North.

L/Cpl. Henry, Cullybackey

L/Cpl. J. Martin. Hope Street, (Killed in action at Neuve Chapelle on April 10, 1915.)

Colour Sgt R. J. McCaw, Ballymena.

L/Cpl. J. McCurley, William Street, wounded March 1, 1915.

Sgt. W. M. McFall (formerly of Ballymena)

Colour Sgt. R. Wallace, Church Street

Harryville in 1914

Many of the Ballymena recruits came from Harryville and the street names on this sketch will appear many times in the context of recruitment, death and injury.  The Braidwater Spinning Mill, right at the top of the map, and the Phoenix Mill on the left, was where many of the men worked.  These streets around were filled with crowded '2 Up, 2 Down' terraced houses, the sort of late Victorian homes that could be seen in any industrial town at the start of the 20th century.

Private soldiers

William Allen, Alexander Street;

J. Bell, Suffolk Street (Killed in action Neuve Chapelle, October 27, 1914)

J. Clarke, Flag Lane

Jack Close, Clonavon Road

John Crawford, Waring Street

Tom Galloway, Bridge Street

H. Grant Princes Street

J. Kelly, Ballymoney Road

David Larkin, Hill Street, wounded.

David Lorimer, Alexander Street;

Jack Martin, Ballymena (Killed in action at Vailly)

Pte McAdorey, James Street

James McAteer, Waring Street

Thos. McCord, Ahoghill

Wilson McCaughern, Bridge Street

George McCart, Castle Street

John McClean, Galgorm

David McClintock, Boyd's Entry (Wounded and missing since September 18, 1914; later confirmed KIA)

T. McCluggage, High Street

Dick McCormick, North Street

Henry McDonald, Water Street

James McFall, Dunfane

Daniel McFall, Garfield Place (cousin of above)

Anderson McIwaine, Dunfane, (Died of wounds received at 1st Ypres)

Charles McIlroy, Cullybackey

Above: R. McLaughlin who rose to the rank of Sergeant

R. McLaughlin, Springwell Street

Thomas McLaughlin, Ballymena

C. McManus, Flag Lane

S. Nelson, formerly of Castle Street (Killed in action December 12, 1914)

J. Nixon, Parkhead

R. O'Hara, Broughshane Street

Thomas Reid, Ballycloughan

Joe Richardson, Alfred Street, (Killed in action on October 23 1914)

Alex. Patterson, Princes Street

Robert Platt, Portglenone

W. Telford, Alexander Street

Robert Templeton, formerly Tullygarley

R. Thompson, Henry Street (wounded at Neuve Chapelle)

Robert Tweed, Clonavon Road

John Wallace, Galgorm Street

Watson, Garfield Place

Alexander Winnington, Moat Road

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

L/Cpl John Lorimer, Alexander Street

L/Cpl R. S. Wilkinson, Albert Place

Private soldiers

R. Armstrong, Cushendall Road (wounded at Battle of the Marne, unfit for further service)

M. Bourman, Castle Street

Robert Carson, Waring Street, wounded

James Erwin, Ballygarvey

John Erwin, Post Office

S. Foster, Patrick Place, wounded and unfit for further service

W. Francey, Queen Street

James Francey, Queen Street

John Gamble, Dunminning, Cullybackey

J. Giffen, James Street, wounded

L. Houston, Salisbury Square, (Died of wounds)

Pte. Irwin, Clonavon, invalided home

H. McIlroy, James Street

Thomas McAdams, Carniny, wounded

Thomas McAllister, Duke Street

Adam McAteer

E.F. Means, Ballymena

W. Telford, Tullygarley

James Templeton, formerly Tullygarley

R. Wallace, Ballymena

Royal Irish Fusiliers

Lt. J. F. Hodges, Glenravel House, wounded at St. Eloi

Sgt. A. Graham, Bridge Street

Dugald Black, Wellington Street

William Finlay, Queen Street (Wounded at Gallipoli. Brother of Samuel Hanna Finlay, 8th Canadian Infantry, killed in action)

Farrier Alex. Rainey, Clarence Street

David Gray, Broughshane Street

John Laverty, Alexander Street (Killed in action April 19,1915).

Henry McDonald, Water Street (Probably the father of the man of same name/address in Royal Irish Rifles)

Charles McIlroy, Portglenone

James McNeill, Ahoghill (Killed in action at Battle of Marne)

J. McPeake, Fair Hill Lane

John Weir, PoW Senegar, Germany

Irish Guards

Sgt. Wilson A. Longmore, Bridge Street

Sgt. W. Nesbitt, Mount Street, wounded

Sgt. John Gillan, Upper. Princes Street

L/Cpl. James F. Wallace, Railway Cottages (Killed in action October 26, 1914)

Charles Allen, Ballymena (Killed in action)

Patrick Boyd, Ahoghill

Alexander Coulter, Drumraw

David McAteer, Ballymacveagh. Kells

John Mewhirter (McWhirter) Killycowan, POW

W. Russell, Clonavon Road

John Smith, Drumcrow, Broughshane, wounded

Connaught Rangers

Pte Jerry Black, Dunfane (wounded)

Patrick Doherty, Ballymena.

Bob Masterson, Ballymena

Charles McAuley, Moat Road, wounded.

Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Cpl. Conway Harryville

John Kidd, William Street

Royal Irish Rifles at Bertincourt, 20 Nov 1917

(Photograph courtesy of Imperial War Museum - (c) IWM (Q3175 )

Royal Garrison Artillery

Sgt.John Blair, Lisbreen, Martinstown

Sgt. Joe Clarke, Alexander Street

Samuel Cameron, Castle Street

James Elliott, Church Street.

Francis Gillen, Broughshane Street

R. Moore, Ballymena

John McAllister, Duke Street

Archie McAteer, Waring Street

William McClean, Galgorm

Thomas McClean, Galgorm

R. McDonald, Larne Street, wounded

W. McDonald, Larne Street

John O'Neill, Ballymena

Alex Scott, Pound Cottages

John Thompson, Springwell Street

Royal Field Artillery

Lt. Allan, Connor

Lt. S.E. Holmes A.V.C. Ballyconnelly, Cullybackey

Drv. R. Baird, formerly of Ballymena

William Devlin, Killycowan, Glarryford

William Devlin, Royal Field Artillery, Casement Street

Gnr. James Francey, Harryville

Gnr. Joe Francey, Harryville

Bombardier Robert Letters, Cullybackey

David McAllister, Duke Street

Drv. William McFadden. Slatt

Ptes. John Russell, Clonavon Road

Thomas Whiteside, Monaghan, Ballymena.

Gnr.Wilson, Harryville

Royal Horse Artillery

Sgt. William Allison, Galgorm Street.

Army Service Corps

 Pte Wm. Bartholemew, Queen Street.

Royal Engineers

Driver Wm. Allen, Alexander Street

Wm. Kennedy, Alfred Street

Pte. James Laverty, Alexander Street

Dvr. Alex Loughrey, Carniny

George Templeton formerly Tullygarley

Sapper Wm. Wilson, Galgorm Street

R. Wylie, Gilmore Street, awarded the Distinguished Service Card (mentioned in despatches) for conspicuous bravery on the field by General French, commanding British Expeditionary Force. 

John Moody, 

George Moody, 

James Moody, all from Bracknamuckly, Portglenone 

Royal Scots

L/Cpl Wm. Cathcart, Tullygarley

Thos. Alexander, 1 Fair Hill Lane

Joe Campbell, Galgorm Road

Wm. Graham, 19 Springwell Street

S. Johnston, Ahoghill.

James King, Caugherty;

R. Ramsey, Drumhickney, Broughshane

Black Watch

 Pte. Armstrong, Clonavon (Killed in action October 29, 1914)

John Patterson, Greenvale Street.

17th Royal Scots (Bantams)

Hugh Wylie, Fair Hill Lane

George Graham 5, Castle Street

William Dunseath, 5 Bryan Street


Black Watch

 Pte. Armstrong, Clonavon (Killed in action October 29, 1914)

John Patterson, Greenvale Street.

Recruitment : Scottish Band in Harryville, Ballymena


Highland Light Infantry

Sgt. William Black, Dunfane

L/Cpl. Robert Black Dunfane

Alex Francey. Slatt Road.

Pte. Mulvenna, Carniny

James McCallion, Moat Road

James McKee, Ballee

R. Owens, Garfield Place

J. Owens, Garfield Place


Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

 James Caldwell, formerly of Ballymena

Wm. McKay, Tullynahinion

Wm John Mawhinney, Ballynafie

Robert Taylor, Milltown

Robert Ross, Connaught Cligger

Reginald Ewart, Connaught Cligger


Seaforth Highlanders


Pte James Meek, Killybeg.

George Marks, Mullinsallagh

Samuel Meeke, Slatt


Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)

James Rainey, Aughnahoy


Cavalry Units

Irish Dragoon Guards

J. Kidd, William Street;

Cpl. George Stevenson, William Street.


Inniskilling Dragoons

Sgt. Major Carson, Crumkill.

Nat McAteer, Waring Street


Lancer Regiments

Trpr. Robert Esler (21st Lancers) Greenvale Street

Trpr. Robert Adair, Greenvale Street and Trpr. Robert Mitchell, Clarence Street, (both 12th Lancers).

Patrick Fox, Royal Irish Lancers


Royal Scots Greys

Trpr. A Gettis, Railway Street

Trpr. Wm. Wilson, Cloughhogue

Trpr. James Whiteside, Monaghan, Ballymena.

Wilson McAteer, Waring Street


8th Hussars 

Capt. Currell, formerly of Ballymena (Currell's Avenue, Broughshane Road) 


North Irish Horse

Sgt. Major R. Blakely, Ballymena

Tpr. Christie Carter, Suffolk Street

Tpr. R. Heron, Kilgad, Kells.

Cpl. Kinnear, Glarryford, wounded

Sgt. James McIlroy, Mill Street

Sgt. John Montford, Lisnamurrican  


Bengal Lancers


Major Henry Young, Galgorm Castle.


Other units

Lancashire Fusiliers


Capt. W. Currell, formerly of Ballymena; Private Nat. Stewart, Tullygarley.


Duke of Wellington's Regt. 


Private William McLaughlin, Springwell Street.


Durham Light Infantry

Private James McGall, Portglenone


Union Forces of South Africa


Major C. E. S. King, Asst. Director of Transport, Mazoe, Ballymena.


Joined since the outbreak of war


Royal Irish Rifles (321)

Capt. Hon. Hugh O'Neill, MP for Mid-Antrim

Lt. R. M. Pryde, Leighinmohr

Lt. J. Donnelly, Portglenone

2nd Lt. George Ballantine, Galgorm Road

2nd Lt. G. Caruth, Hugomount

2nd Lt. T. G. Haughton, Hillmount

2nd Lt. T. Hepple, Wellington Street

2nd Lt. H. M. Lancashire, Church Street

2nd Lt. Norman Mackeown, Homelea

2nd Lt. M. Palethorpe, Bryan Street

2nd Lt. B. Stuart, Mount Earl


Sgt. Norman Henry, Bridge Street

Sgt. J. H. Wright, Carniny

Lce-Sgt. Robert Baird, Albert Place

Lce-Sgt. Samuel McGarry, Patrick Place

Cpl Robert Barr, Princes Street

Cpl. Samuel Cumming, The Bottom

Cpl. Wm. Grant, Railway Cottages

Cpl George Montgomery

Lce Cpl. Alex Greer, Mill Street

Lce Cpl. James Watson, Broughshane Street

Lce Cpl. Thomas Nesbitt, Mount Street



David Adair, Greenvale Street

David Allen, Alfred Street

H. Adrain, Mount Street

John Anderson, Brocklamont

J Anderson, Clarence Street

David Anderson, Bridge Street

James Armstrong, Hillmount

George Barr, Ballymena

James Barr, Waveney Avenue

Thomas Barr, Ballymena

Oliver Barkley, Galgorm Road

Robert Balmer, New Row

James Bamber, Ballyconnolly

Archie Beattie, Galgorm Street

James Beattie, Prospect Place

Samuel Beattie, Prospect Place

Wm Beattie, Galgorm Street

S. J. Bell, Ballymena

James Black, Moat Road

Wm Blair, Galgorm Street

John Bell, Queen Street

John Boyle, Fairhill Lane

Wm. Boyd, Roughan, Broughshane

Daniel Boyd, Kinhilt Street

John Bowden, Slatt

Henry Brady, Water Street

James Brady, Hill Street

Wm Brown, Newferry

Henry Brown, Edward Street

Thomas Busby, Fairhill Lane

Archbald Burns, Moat Road

William Carson, Queen Street

David Carlton, Killane

Wm Cathcart, Castle Street

James Cathcart, Castle Street

William Cairns, Larne Street

Wm Cairns, Kells

Robert M. Caldwell, Tannybrake

James Campbell, Galgorm Road

James L. Clarke, Alexander Street

John Clarke, Alexander Street

Samuel J. Clarke, High Street

Robert Cooper, Kellswater;

John H. Cochrane; Craigs

George Craig, Gracehill

Adam Craig, Galgorm Parks

Andrew Craig, Gilmore Street

John Craig, Gilmore Street

Thomas Craig, Artibrannon

Ned Craig, Ballymena

Thomas Crawford, Ahoghill

Thomas Colgan, Galgorm Street

William Colgan, North Street

Thomas Colville, North Street

Thomas Cooke, Larne Street

Alex Cooke, Alfred Street

Thomas Crowe, John Street

John Cunningham, James Street

John Cunningham Jnr, James Street

Thomas Cunningham, Ardnaglass, Ahoghill

Andrew Davison, Bridge End

John Darragh, Cullybackey

Wm Dempster, Galgorm Street

Alex Dunlop, Mullinsallagh

Wm Dickey, Carniny;

Wm Dixon, Craigywarren

Speers J. Donnelly, Clinty

John Erwin, Cullybackey

Henry Elder, Galgorm Street

Thos. Fullerton, Kells

W. G. Flynn, Lisnafillan

Samuel Ferguson, Ladysmith Terrace

James Galloway, Prospect Place

Wm Gault, Alfred Street

Frank Gamble, Kells

Alex Gordon, Cullybackey

Robert Gordon, Garfield Place

Robert Glass, Cullybackey

Wm Glover, Princess Street

John Graham, Galgorm Street

Samuel Graham

Robert Gray, Broughshane Street

Alex Greer, Ballymena

John Greer, Alfred Street

Wm Greer, Ahoghill

Malcolm Greer, Ahoghill

Malcolm Greer, Alfred Street

John Greer, Springwell Street

John Greer, Ahoghill;

James Grant, Galgorm Parks

Robert Hamill, Queen Street

H. Hamilton, Galgorm Street

Wm Hamilton, Ahoghill

Hugh Hamilton-McCurdy, Kells

Robert Hanley, Princes Street

George Hanna, James Street

David Hanna, Kells

William Hanna, Kells

T Harland, Mill Row

Robert Harbison, Springwell Street

Henry Heggarty, Railway Street

Thos. Henry, Ahoghill

John Herbison, Ballymoney Street

S. Herbison, Ballymoney Street

Charles Houston, Galgorm Street

John Hood, Mill Street

Charles Haughton, Ballymena

James Jackson, Portglenone

James H. Jamison, Greenvale Street

Robert J. Kennedy, 20 Greenvale Street

Ferguson Kennedy, Slatt

James Kennedy, Galgorm Street

James Knox, Greenvale Street

John Knox, Greenville Street

James King. Springwell Street

Wm Kirkley, Ballymena

David Kirkwood, Portglenone

George Kissack, Railway Street

David Kilpatrick, Cullybackey

Alex Kernohan, Cullybackey

Samuel Laverty, Craigs

Samuel Law, Alfred Street

Robert Lamont, Cullybackey

James Lennox, Edward Street

Thomas Letters, Cullybackey

Wm Letters, Bridge Street Place

Israel Lindsay, Galgorm Street

David Linton, Ardnacree, Clough

James Livingstone, Alfred Street

Samuel Logan, Castle Gardens

John Logan, Springwell Street

Archie Luke, Ahoghill

Wm Luke, Ahoghill

Herbert Letson, Princess Street

W. J. Magee Queen Street

Robert Magee, Queen Street

Wm  Magennis, Salisbury Square

Herbert Marshall, Greenvale Street

Lockart Millar, Larne Street

Willian Millar, Railway Street

Wm John Millar, Railway Street Place

Alex Millar, Tullygarley

Harry Millar, Tullygarley

Joseph Mitchell, Railway Street

Samuel Mitchell, Railway Street

Joseph Montgomery, Casement Street

Joseph Morrow, Ballee

Wm John Moore, Clonavon Road

James Moore, Kilraughts

James Moore, Queen Street

Wm Moore Jnr, Alexander Street

George Moore, Alexander Street

Hugh Mullan, Queen Street

Jacob McAfee, Harryville

Wm McAleese, Galgorm Street

Joseph McAuley, Alfred Street

Joseph McAuley, Alfred Street

James McAuley, Harryville

Charles L McAuley, Ballymena;

W. McCandless, High Street

Charles McCart, Alfred Street

John McCart, Castle Street

Robert McCart; Frocess;

Andrew McCartney, Henry Street

John McCarroll, Ballylesson

John McCrory, Kells

Jacob McConnell, Queen Street

W.J. McConaghy, Ballee Close

Dick McCormick, Ballymena

Felix McCormick, Ballymena

Robert McClean, Galgorm

Charles McClean, Alexander Street

W.G. McClean, Alexander Street

Samuel McClean, Alexander Street

Robert McClean, Galgorm Parks

David McCullough, Ladysmith Terrace

J. McDowell, Galgorm Street

Andrew McDowell, Galgorm Street

Andrew McIlrath, Dunnygarron

Albert McIlrath, Dunnygarron

James McIlwaine, Dunfane

James McFarlane, Rokeel Broughshane

James McFall, Galgorm Parks

Samuel McFetridge, Castle Street

John McGall, Clonavon

Johnston McGall, Fair Hill Lane;

Hugh Magill, Queen Street

John McGowan, Castle Street

John McGowan, King Street

James McGowan, King Street

John McKelvey, Rathkenny

F McLaughlin, Lisnafillan

Stewart McLaughlin, Broughshane

James McMaster, Cullybackey

Henry McMaster, Killyless

Samuel McMaster, James Street

James McMaster, Ballymena

W. J. McMaster, Tullygarley

Patrick McMeekin, Park Head

George McMurray, Upper Tannybrake

James McMurray, Upper annybrake

Wm McMullen, Queen Street

John McMullan, Queen Street

Hugh McMullan, Carninney

George McMullan, Carninney

Carlisle McNeilly, Broughshane Road

H. McNeilly, Broughshane Road

Daniel McNiece, Queen Street

Wm J McNeice, Railyway Street Place

Andrew McQuiston, Queen Street

James McWhirter, Killycowan

Wm Nelson, Carninney

Charles Nelson, James Street

Charles Nelson, Adairs Court

Wm Neilly, Tullygrawley

Robert Nesbitt, Mount Street

John Nixon, Creggywarren;

David Orr, Queen Street

P O'Kane, Clarence Street

D. O'Neill, Bridge Street

David O'Neill, Coach Entry

Wm O'Neill, Warden Street

William John Neill, Springwell Street

George O'Neill, Warden Street

Wm Patton, Park Street

James Parker, Railway Street

John Power, Knockboy

John Ramsey, Kells

Alexander Rainey, Bleachers Row

S. Rainey, Railway Street

Robert John Rainey, Ahoghill

Sandy (Alexander) Rainey, Ahoghill

Hugh Reid, Alfred Street

James Reid, Broughshane

Thomas Reid, Ballycloughan

James Reynolds, Alexander Street

Alexander Richardson, Alfred Street

Wm John Richmond, Garfield Place

George Robinson, Prospect Place

George Robinson, Castle Street

David Rock, Hillmount

George Rock, Ahoghill

George Ross, Castle Street

D Russell, Hope Street Terrace

Samuel Russell, Moneydollagh

George Scott, Larne Street

Wm Scullion, Linenhall Street

James Service, Castle Street

Ned Simpson, Ballyconnelly

Edward Simpson, Ahoghill

Thomas Sloane, Broughshane

Thomas Stewart, Larne Street

Wm John Strange, Drumfin

David Spence, Clonavon Road

Wm Stevenson, Railway Street

Ernest Stevely, Cullybackey

George Steele, Moat Road

James Smith, Craigs

Hugh Smith, Hope Street Terrace

Robert Smith, Carncoagh;

William Smith, Rathkenny

Samuel Smith, Ballymena;

David Surgenor, Fairhill Lane

Jos. Surgeoner, Queen Street

John Stewart, Francis Street

Joseph Stewart, Francis Street

James Suitters, Clonavon Place

Wm Swann, Broughshane

David Taylor, Galgorm Parks

John Thompson, Clarence Street

Frank Thompson, Broadway

James Thompson, Ballee

James Thompson, Henry Street

Mark Thompson, Broughshane

James Thompson, King Street

Robert Thompson, Kildrum

James Thompson, Connor

Scott Thompson, Gracehill

John Thompson, Galgorm Street

Patrick Thompson, Broughshane

John Torbett, Moat Road

John H. Tuff; King Street

Wm Turtle, Springwell Street

John Turtle, Springwell Street

Alex Wallace, Gilmore Street

Samuel Watson, Garfield Place

Samuel Watson, Gilmer/Gilmore Street

Alexander Watson, Gilmer/Gilmore Street

Joe Watson, King Street

Wm Watson, Alexander Street

Robert Watt, Portglenone

John Watt, Kinhilt Street

Alex Weir, Straid Gracehill

Matthew Weir, Straid Gracehill

C.B Wilkinson, Albert Place

Wm Jas. Wilshaw, Ballyconnelly

Joseph White, Galgorm Road

Thomas Wilson, Clougher

Andrew Wilson, Prospect Place

John Wilson, Ahoghill

Charles Wilson, Bridge Street

James Wilson, Clinty

James Wilson, Clougher

John Wylie, Mount Street

John Wylie, Moat Road

Samuel Wylie, Broughdone

R. Wylie, Alexander Street


Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 33

Lt. D. M. Wilson K.C. Ballymena

Sgt. W. Cairns, Waveney Avenue

John Baird, Aughnacleagh

 Alex. Bartholomew, Queen Street

Samuel Bartholomew Antrim Road

J. Carlton, Clonavon Road

Lawrence Cooney, Ballymoney Road

W. Craig, Albert Place

T. Coulter, Moat Road

Wm. Cunnigham, James Street

Archie Devlin, Bridge Street

Samuel Ewart, Portglenone

James Gillan, Upper Princes Street

Thomas Gordon, Flag Lane

D. Graham, Ballymena

Arthur Kerr, Culnafay

James Lamont, Lisrodden

James Law, Killycoogan

W. Lorimer, Garfield Place

Adam Lynn, James Street

Alex Moody, Alfred Street

James Moody, Harryville

John Mooney Larne Street

James Mooney, Gortrighey

Henry Moore, Portglenone

B. Montgomery. Mount Street

D. W. Mullan, Wellington Street

J. Nelson, Railway Street

James McCaughey, Moat Road

Jas. McCartney jnr. Bridge Street

Wm. McCartney, Moat Road

James McConnell, Queen Street

David McDonald, Broughshane Street

Hugh McDowell, Kinhilt Street

R. McFadden Cloughhogue

R. McKinley, Galgorm Street

Jos. O'Neill, Springwell Street

W. Ramsey, Galgorm Street

J. Reynolds Broughshane Street

Ben Smith, Leighinmohr

Andrew Thompson, Alfred Street

R. Thompson, Henry Street

James Winnington, Moat Road


Royal Irish Fusiliers

Wm. Murphy, Greenvale Street

Patrick McAllister, Hope Street

J. Whittaker, Robert Street

Samuel Wilson, Bridge Street

Samuel Ewart KIng Street

James Taggart Queen Street


North Irish Horse

L.cpl. H. Mercer (Ulster Bank, Ballymena)

Wm. Blakes, Albert Place

R. Burnett, Kilcurry, Ahoghill

James Craig, Albert Place

Jos. Devlin, Broughshane Street

S. Hanna, Ballymena

James McKeergan, Kinhilt Street

Samuel Millar, Albert Place

Samuel Robinson, Castle Street

D. Taggart, Broughshane


Connaught Rangers

Lt. Edwin Telford (formerly Clinty, Ballymena)

Cadet B. McCann, Broughshane Street

Bernard Devlin, Brougshane Street

Sam Dornan Harryville

James Hughes, Suffolk Street

Charles Magill, Clonavon North

John McAuley, Clonavon

Andrew McAleese Larne Street

John McCambridge Church Street

Hugh McNally, Mill View Place

Patrick Weir Jnr. Springwell Street


Royal Munster Fusiliers

 2nd Lt. W. W. McKeown B. L. of Homelea, Ballymena.


Irish Guards

P. Smith, Martinstown, late of RIC; 

S. Nickle, Portglenone, late of RIC; 

Patrick J. Masterson, formerly of Ballymena.

Wm. Gault, Cromkill


Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)

Capt. J. R. White, Broughshane

Lt. S. F. Carson, Terrygowan, Ballymena

Lt. J. Clarke, High Street

Lt. Alex Duncan, Harryville

Lt. J. Spence, Ahoghill

Lt. H. W. Weir Liscoom, Ballymena

Sgt. Wm. Adams, Glenwherry

Sgt. W. Marsden, late of Mount Street

Sgt. James Meban, Dunaird

Samuel Boyd, Wellington Street

Thomas Cameron, Garfield Place

Herbert A. Fullerton, Clonavon Road


Royal Engineers

Lt. Cecil Telford, formerly of Gracehill

Lt. W. A. Young, Kintullagh

Sgt. T. O'Hara, Waveney Avenue

Cpl. J. McNabney, Larne Street

L.Cpl. D.J. Mullan, Broughshane

James Blair 40, Henry Street

Jas Clarke, Ballygarvey

Wm. Craig, Albert Place

John Crawford, Waring Street

Henry Cathcart, Waring Street

Bob Campbell, Railway Street

Robert Campbell, 34 Railway Street

James Francey, Slatt

Robert John Hamill, Queen Street

Robert Hamill, Toome Road

David Hamilton, Bridge Street

Robert Hayes, Springwell Street

J. Hogg, Ballymena

W. Hogg, Tullygarley

Wm. Johnston, Queen Street

Jos. Lyness, Broughshane Street

Robert McCaw, Queen Street

John McCartney, Alfred Street

S. McNabney, Larne Street

W. J. McNiece, Harryville

D. McCullough, Ballymena

P. T. O'Hare, Lawnview Place

W. Perry, Galgorm

Alex Rainey, James Street

John Ramsey, Broughshane

R. Reilly, Princes Street

Alex Robinson, Cullybackey

George Service, Clarence Street

Henry Simpson, King Street

J. O. Strahan, Slatt

H. Walshe, Waveney Road

John Wilson, Bridge Street


Motor despatch rider 

Corporal James Ferguson, Cullybackey Road.


Dragoon Guards 

7th Dragoon Guards: Lt. Lawrence Hastings, late of Audley Terrace 

4th Dragoon Guards: Trooper Joe Houston, Broughshane Street; 

3rd Dragoon Guards: Trooper John Currie, Ballymena


Telegraphist Service


John Cluff, Moat Town;

T. Herlighy, Broughshane Street.


Army Service Corps

Lt. W. Scott, Ballymena

Lt. Palethorpe, Pentagon House

Pte. Charles, Ballylummin, Ahoghill

John Darragh, King Street

Robert Gaston, 3 Clarence Street

Wm. Gordon, Ballymena

Thomas Francey, Ballee,

Daniel Keenan, James Street

J. Leith, Cloughhogue

James Marks, Galgorm Parks

Charles McMaster, Queen Street

J. Mellin, High Street

John Milligan, Galgorm

Anthony Rainey, Cullybackey Road

Henry Samuel Ross, Ballee

John Taylor, Galgorm Parks

Henry Thompson, Harryville

Robert Thompson, Clarence Street

John Tuohy, High Street

Inniskilling Dragoons

John Darragh, Ballycraigy

Matthew Darragh Ballycraigy


Battle of Festubert: Bomb Throwers of the 1st. Battalion Scottish Rifles (Cameronians), 20th May 1915

(photograph courtesy of the Imperial War Museum - (c) IWM (Q51639)

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

John Andrews, Hillmount

James Currie, formerly of Ballymena

Hugh Weir, Straid, Gracehill

Alexander Simpson, King Street

Cameron Highlanders

Wm. Dempster, Waveney Avenue

Samuel Elder, formerly Hillmount

James Gault, Alfred Street Place

Royal Scots

John Mark, Springwell Street

John O'Hara, White's Row

George Surgenor, Galgorm

Maybin Turtle, Culllybackey

James Wallace, Galgorm Street

Highland Light Infantry

Alex. Greer Lisnahunshin

Frank Greer Lisnahunshin

William Greenwood, Hillmount

Arthur Laverty, Hillmount

Arthur Laverty jnr. Hillmount

David Mooney, son of Mr. John Mooney, Portglenone

John McCartney, Bridge Street

Jim Surgenor, Galgorm

Sandy Surgenor, Galgorm

George Surgenor, Galgorm

Charles Quigley, Portglenone 

The Conscription Crisis, 1918

The British Government relied entirely on voluntary military service in Ireland because there was never any conscription.  By the time conscription was becoming necessary throughout the UK, by 1916, the prevailing sentiment in much of this island after the East Rising of 1916 made it impossible to enforce here.

On February 3, 1916 a British Military Service Act did come into force. It was a limited measure of conscription or compulsory military service. Later in the year another Act of Parliament made all males between the ages of eighteen to forty-one liable to be conscripted. There was some opposition to the idea of compulsory military service in Britain but the scale of losses across the fronts made any other choice impossible. In 1918 a further act to extend compulsory military service to Ireland was passed, but this succeeded in uniting nationalist opinion in opposition to the measure; Irishmen of a nationalist persuasion felt there could be no conscription without consent A statement was issued on behalf of the Catholic bishops which stated bluntly: ‘To enforce conscription here without the consent of the people would be perfectly unwarrantable and would soon and inevitably end in defeating its own purposes.'

On April 16, 1918 the House of Commons passed the Military Service Act and extended conscription to Ireland. The Irish Parliamentary Party, Redmond's old party that had once encouraged Irishmen to enlist and which was now led by Dillon, withdrew from the Commons and its members returned to Ireland to organise opposition to its enforcement. 

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Laurence O’Neill, summoned a representative gathering of nationalist opinion and organised labour to the Mansion House, April 16, 1918. This Mansion House Conference concluded with a declaration that there was no authority for the British government ‘to impose compulsory service in Ireland against the expressed will of the Irish people. The passing of the conscription bill must therefore be regarded as a declaration of war on the Irish Nation.’ The conference also agreed on an anti-conscription pledge drafted by Eamon de Valera: 

‘Denying the right of the British government to enforce compulsory service in this country we pledge ourselves solemnly to one another to resist conscription by the most effective means at our disposal’. 

An Irish Anti-Conscription Committee was convened to devise plans to resist conscription.  Faced with this combined opposition of church and nation, the government did not attempt to enforce conscription. Fortunately the armistice was signed on November 11, 1918.

It should be noted that in 1914 and 1915, though to a much lesser degree in later years, there was voluntary enlistment throughout Ireland into the British army. Increasingly though, especially after the Easter Rising of 1916,  it was primarily from unionist areas and groups. In all, 200,000 to 300,000 Irishmen served with British forces during the Great War, and, of the 680,000 fatalities from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, some 40,000 to 49,000 were from Ireland. In all about 12.3 per cent of Irishmen of military age actually served, compared to approximately 25 per cent in the rest of the UK; 57 per cent of them were Roman Catholics.

Piper of the Royal Irish Regiment 

(photograph courtesy of the Imperial War Museum - (c) IWM (Art.IWM ART LD 255)

East African Mounted Volunteers:

George Longmore, Bridge Street

Cheshire Regiment: 

Harry McCarry, Warden Street


Michael J. Feeney, Broughshane.

Gordon Highlanders: 

T. Dempsey, Toome Road

Seaforth Highlanders: 

John Dempsey, Toome Road

Black Watch: 

C. Forysthe, Castle Street.

Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)

Drummer B. Stirling, Broughshane.

36th Divisional Cycle Corps

James Cunningham, Greenvale Street

John McBurney, Clinty

John Millar, Albert Place

R. J. Linton, Fountain Place

Wm. Larkin, Hill Street

T. Carroll, Flixton Place.

James Montgomery, Lisnafillon/Lisnafillan

Samuel Scullion, Lisnafillon/Lisnafillan

Royal Field Artillery

Alex Baird, Flag Lane

Andrew Law, Craigs

Patrick Magill, Duke Street

W. McFadden, Cloughhogue, Ahoghill

J. McIlwee, John Street

Jos. Stevely, Cullybackey

Royal Irish Regiment

Hugh Donegan, Clonavon Place

John Moore, Gillistown, Ahoghill.

Stephen Gormley, James Street

Royal Irish Regiment clearing the Canal du Nord near Moeuvres, 28 November 1917.

(photograph courtesy of the Imperial War Museum - (c) IWM (Q6333)

Oxford And Bucks. Light Infantry

Capt. G. B. Martin, Braidwater Weaving Company.

King's Own Liverpool Regiment

2nd Lt. Fred R. Skillen, Claremont.

King's OwnYorkshire Light Infantry: 

2nd Lt. F. B. Hodges, Glenravel House, killed in action on April 18, 1915.

2nd Life Guards: 

Capt. Honourable Arthur O'Neill, MP for Mid-Antrim, killed in action November 4. 1914 (first MP to die in war)

1st Rhodesian Regiment:

Lt. Herbert Currell, formerly of Ballymena.

Irish Regiment of South Africa:  

Thomas  B. Gillespie, Mill Street.

Canadian Field Artillery: 


Noel Allingham Austin, formerly of The Rectory, Ballymena.

London Regiment:

Sgt. W. Telford, Thomas Street

3995 Private F Loughran, 6th Connaught Rangers