BALLYMENA 1914-1918

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Portglenone Churches

Please Note: There were at one time three Presbyterian churches in Portglenone, and 1st Portglenone and 3rd Portglenone are still in existence today. 2nd Portglenone Presbyterian Church, once known as the Townhill Succession congregation, was dissolved in 1910, and the church building was knocked down some time ago, though there is still a graveyard on the Townhill Road at the former church site. 3rd Portglenone, which was the second church actually formed, was known as the ‘2nd Portglenone’ until the two Synods united in 1840. It was after 1840 that this church, also on the Townhill Road, Portglenone and closer to the village, adopted '3rd' as its designation.